Uw voordeel met Cointopay in een notendop:

  • Volledig functionele web portefeuille
  • Beste wisselkoersen
  • Meerdere digital munten verhandelbaar
  • Geen vertragingen, totaaloverzicht vanuit uw bedieningspaneel
  • Volledige API ondersteuning voor uw site en applicatie
  • Persoonlijke data encryptie voor hoge anonimiseringsfunctionaliteit
  • Autonomy mode

accept BitCoin,LiteCoin,Dash,DogeCoin,BlackCoin,CannabisCoin,MegaCoin,HTML5Coin,FeatherCoin,SyncCoin,CloakCoin,TitCoin,VeriCoin,PrimeCoin,NameCoin,QuarkCoin,UroCoin,FreiCoin,NobleCoin,eGulden,PotCoin,GroestlCoin,SysCoin,StartCoin,GuldenCoin,PeerCoin,GlobalBoost-Y,DigitalCoin,Shadowcash,MagiCoin,GunCoin,GrowCoin,IOCoin,SativaCoin,OpalCoin,ReddCoin,PlatinumBAR,FrankoCoin,Verge,OKCash,MetalCoin,DopeCoin,Bitstar,Ripple,Orbitcoin,NXT,Counterparty,Supernet,Monero,BitcoinPlus,Blocknet,GridCoin,Carboncoin,DigiByte,FoldingCoin,StorjcoinX,LTBcoin,Litedogecoin,Kobocoin,MetalMusic3,Ethereum,Bitz,Clams,Unobtanium,Boolberry,NuBits,MaidSafeCoin,GameCredits,VertCoin,Siacoin,BitcoinDark,Bytecoin,Myriadcoin,DNotes,Qibuck,Burst,GeoCoin,Rubycoin,Qora,NuShares,Einsteinium,Florincoin,Steps,Bitmark,Coin2.0,ArtByte,GlobalCurrencyReserve,Bytecent,Sphere,MonaCoin,JoinCoin,Omnicore,BitSwift,CryptoCircuits,Ascension,BitBay,Neutron,EnergyCoin,MaxCoin,SolarCoin,AudioCoin,BananaBits,EuropeCoin,PandaCoin,ZeitCoin,AntiBitCoin,Radium,ClubCoin

Voor Verkopers en Consumenten in een notendop:

  • Verstuur en ontvang betalingen online
  • Koop en Verkoop cryptogeld
  • Ondersteuning voor BitCoin, en nog veel meer moderne valuta
  • 24x7 operationele ondersteuning voor klanten
  • Uitbetaling in valuta naar keuze
  • Gratis dienst: T-Zero instant cryptobetalingstechnologie

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Interessante onderwerpen

Two Factor Authentication optional - RFC6238

You may now use Google authenticator to login, this will enhance the security of your account.

Reflextrader The Cointopay Exchange gone full AI

Reflextrader.com the Cointopay exchange has been uplifted to version 1.10. Droid1337 has chosen the good path and will provide you with trade options. Check it out!

Introducing Strikeminer.com and LTR Addresses

Introduction of Long Term Retention accounts, mining, download the mining package HERE. Currently you can only mine 3 modern currencies that are X11 and X15 based. Read more.

Cointopay announcement

Cointopay has been acquired by SURPLUS17! And an ode to Satoshi Nakamoto. Read more, and view the video (Cointopay new style!)

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User guide - Cointopay Documentation

We have a lot to offer you, here is some information to get you started! Userguide user guide user-guide!

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New: WooCommerce crypto plugin!

Download the plugin to accept crypto currencies right here at Cointopay!

OpenCart module free and open source!

If you want to get a very professional OpenCart altcoin plugin you can download it for free here. Click next!

Shopify with Cointopay Crypto checkout - new video

Shopify with Crypto Currency Checkout. Setup a Shopify Storefront in under 3.5 minutes.

DISCLAIMER: The Youtube movie is only for showcasing purposes. We do not sell any of the products, but our dopecoin customer is in this case.

ECWID ECommerce integration

ECWID is a easy to use ECommerce shopping cart, since 01-08-2014 we support ECWID with our crypto payment services.

Wordpress e-commerce plugin available now

Nearly 6 months after our online inception we are proud to announce our first shopping cart plugin for WordPress! Allow your customers to pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Darkcoin right from your existing Wordpress site! Click Read More to Download.