A Few Cointopay Operational Statistics


Our customers are king and come first at all times.


With a 5 star rating average we prove that our quality is what customers enjoy. We give our best to stay on top!

Pay outs

The pay outs have a variety of possibilities, in the end it is in the currency of choice.

Support Members

We are growing and hiring, want to be part of the team, please send us a mail.

About us

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Cointopay is a startup company based in Haarlem the Netherlands, officially started in 2014 with development time in 2013. The team consists of a developer, manager and administrator. Our main driver is to provide innovative Internet payment services based on the new Crypto Coins, also known in the media as BitCoin. We are a legitimate business and not politically driven to devaluate the Dollar/Euro. We do think that an alternative to the native payment method will drive up competition and ultimately be beneficial for the general public. Cointopay is a Crypto Coin Payment service provider for businesses and charity organisations. We see a future of financial transactions for alternative currencies like BitCoin at very low fees, secure, instant and very easy and we want to be part of that transition.

Our Clients

Our clients are innovative companies that are opening up to the possibilities and innovations coming from the new crypto currencies. We always follow customer demand, so far market trends have been towards BitCoin, BlackCoin, LiteCoin, Dash, DogeCoin, BlackCoin and CannabisCoin, we are going to open up to more very soon. Please socialise via twitter and/or e-mail.

Was able to setup in a day. Thank you, great support and service! – Binu