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Drupal Ubercart plugin

Ubercart is the most popular Drupal E-Commerce platform for your website. It implements everything you need to start selling products online. Now Cointopay is offering a crypto payment plugin that enables your customers to pay with currencies like bitcoin, dash, mooncoin and many more! Download the Ubercart plugin download


Arastta plugin

Free shopping cart software. Arastta is an Open Source eCommerce software with great features and performance. Cointopay has developed a simple payment plugin to directly integrate with your existing Arastta shop. Download this amazing crypto payment plugin, comes with full installer and support.


Phase 2 - Cointopay wallet updates

We have updated the Android wallet with the following new features delivered as part of this phase 2:
1) We have count down timers for transactions
2) We added support for our internal blockchain, first version only
3) vFiat on top of the internal blockchain
4) trade functionality (based on flexengine / reflextrader)
5) TZERO instant payment functionality

And last but not least Long term retention addresses (LTR) support, with expiry timer for your convenience.

Update your android wallet here: here


Cointopay ICO started - PRE-ICO PHASE

We have developed the rudimentary technology for handling payments. The time has come for global rollout. After 4 years of information gathering and knowledge build up, we have delivered a self sustaining platform that can handle different use cases. But we have to admit that a global rollout will require more capital than we currently have in reserves.

Your opportunity

Joining the ICO is simple, all you have to do buy the currency "Cointopay" with shortcode CTP. We will not yet release all details. This is a pre-ICO phase that will be converted into full ICO soon. The price per coin will go up 10 fold when you understand what we plan to use it for.

Our promise

When you buy our currency at this stage, we promise not to disappoint you, and the value of the coin is intrinsically connected to our core business model, it can only go up once we start expanding, growing and exploding. More details will soon follow. The price is currently roughly 1 EUR per Cointopay. P.S. this is not a copy of bitcoin, and also not an ERC20 token. It is native to our platform.

Follow the updates here: click

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