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Update your apps (Android + IOS) - SECURITY

##Please update your android/ios cointopay apps, older versions will stop working.##
Due to recent dictionary attacks which compromised a few accounts we had to apply a number of updates, these fixes will make the old ios/android app versions unusable in the new situation. So please update them.
The people impacted have been notified already by mail, check your spam folder to see if you have received any messages from us.
Want to note that the data consisting of users in combination with passwords as part of the dictionary attacks did not come from our datastore. Some other system was hacked and hence they were able to try to login using that data, I also want to mention that we encourage users to use 2FA to prevent any form of dictionary type attack.

No funds were taken, but do make sure to do proper password management and change passwords from time to time.


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