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TIPPR.TODAY official launch

is officially launched to meet the demand of the tipping industry. Our aim is to become the global defacto tipping standard.

Here is are the details:

1) Limited supply of 100 million coins + worst case buy back guarantee (excludes fees applied at time of sale)
2) What the coin industry calls a stable coin we call a virtual fiat called shortcode CTP, linked to the euro (worth around 1 euro per coin).
3) starting 01-01-2019 we provide compounded interest of 2% per year. Earliest interest payout is 01-01-2020
4) Up until 25-11-2018 we sell the coins at zero fee, after that regular buy fees apply
5) full backing of the holding trust
6) Excellent 0.5 percent referral (per transaction), linking happens when QR code is scanned, and vtoken system
7) Full integration with our payment suite/platform incl. POS, push api's, plugins and wallets implementation
8) Built on top of the Cointopay Coinectar codebase, the currency is using bitcoin communication for easy implementation by exchanges, with zero transaction fee and instant block confirmations (T-ZERO technology)

We have built a first to market tipping website and app using the latest web stacks located at with several payout options, automated everything using Cointopay CORS implementations.

For more information where to buy, just enable the coin and click the buy tab, it will present you with full details on where to buy.


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