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Dear Webmaster,

The time has come, we have a first version of mass payment functionality!

It works like this:
send an email from your email address as stated in your account to [email protected], in your case it is [insert your mail address]
title of the mail should be: masspayment
body of the mail:
etc ..
etc ..

Important: send the mail as plain / text no HTML, this is a first version with other mail types it does not work well enough. As a response you get an overview of which have gone well, which are accepted as soon as possible. Of course it is important to fill your account first before you start, otherwise it makes little sense of course, because there must be something on the balance.

P.S. This is private functionality, and has to be activated by [email protected] per participant, because we skip a number of steps in the security process. If you want to put it out, warn us then we'll turn it off.

With kind regards,



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