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Social media announcement

We have decided to fully ban all the so called conglomerate centralized social media entities like google, facebook and twitter and expose them for who they truely are, centralized entities controlled to support the financial containment strategy of the crypto currency space. We will be phasing out these company services in the next few weeks and we recommend you to do the same. If any social media entity decides to perform blanket bans they think they have a bit too much power and control over you. Don't support this, period.


  • graycardinal75
    Apr 07 2018 07:11 PM

    Im fully agreed with author. So, there is some opensource tools for social communication, where you can leave anonymous - Diaspora, Friendica, GNU Social and so on - its time to use it.

    May 05 2018 06:05 AM

    Damn it is truly a blessing to have the CEO come out for the quick slap it. I have already begun my own recognizance and found a alternative to the Twitter #Scams and Elite powers that run Amazon

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