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Two Factor Authentication optional - RFC6238

You may now use Google authenticator to login, this will enhance the security of your account.

1) Install e.g. google authenticator
2) Click on the + and click scan barcode
3) Go to your account, first tab, scan the barcode shown.
4) Now select enable 2FA below the QR code, save the form. Done

Please note that for next time when logging in, you have to use the generated 6 digit code in addition to your username and password. Make sure to store the 2FA security code shown in your account in a trusted location, so that when you lose your phone you can still login on and access your funds. When you lose access to your account we can disable 2FA from our side, but we will ask some tough questions before turning it off. Thanks for understanding. We take security seriously.

Please follow the following security guidelines as well:

- Always check if you are connected to the site you intented to visit
- Is the connection secured via SSL (https://)
- Never use untrusted internet lines, like public WIFI connections when connecting to our site (or use a VPN via a trusted 3rd party)
- Always install a proper antivirus program
- After using the browser and logging out, make sure to delete all cached information
- Recommended: use password length of minimal 20 characters
- Store information on a computer that is not connected to anything
- Make sure your hardware/laptop/tablet/smartphone are tightly controlled
- Use security screens (sold seperately here) to avoid peekers
- Give as little information as possible to people over the phone, or email

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

P.S. you can also use this tool to generate the 2FA codes, it's for windows:


  • chukschuma
    Jan 04 2018 08:17 PM

    Message *i tried activating 2fa on my account, after downloading google authenticator i cant see the bar code to scan. kindly assist...

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