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Cointopay CEO on the Bitcoin scaling debate

Three years ago, when we started introducing Litecoin and Darkcoin (now Dash), and Blackcoin as payment options, we got a lot of weird looks from the Bitcoin community. Because Bitcoin would always be number one. I thought differently, as Darwin understood what evolution meant, I looked at Litecoin and Darkcoin as technological superior and advancements to Bitcoin, they simply already at that time surpassed Bitcoin. The weakness of the Bitcoin community was it's extreme fanboy level, which we could understand, blockchains are amazing and have a wow factor, but this state of mind blinded even the most talented developers in the community to any criticism and opportunities of moving forward. It's stringent management structure via the Bitcoin foundation and corporate backers created a void which was at contrast with the essence of decentralization.

Right now we see the tower of Babylon collapsing under it's own weight, and the issue is that nobody can do anything about it, there is no control, nothing to control, the financial crypto anarchists won't allow it and satoshi never enabled decentralized governance. He was a genius, but you can't think through all details so early on.

Even if the fork with Bitcoin unlimited and Bitcoin Core will succeed, it will be the same story, block confirmation times will still be longer compared to Bitcoins competitors and even those are being surpassed now by new comers that haven't been discovered yet. The future will be real time and instant, there is no discussion possible, since you can't make transactions in the past. Right!?

These are crazy times, we are following one hype after the other, and they are all exciting, blockchains that can be rewritten, did you know that? We certainly won't choose sides and will provide support for all relevant crypto currencies, wherever possible, even the ones that are centrally controlled, we also support deadchains, zombiecoins and coins that have been taken over by 51% so many times that it became their unwanted feature! When Ethereum Classic and Ethereum forked, we just supported another coin. Business as usual. Be filled with confidence and trade with passion, but don't let anyone tell you what to do with your financial assets!

At your service,

CEO Cointopay International B.V.


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    Mar 24 2017 10:21 AM

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