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Introducing and LTR

Long Term Retention accounts (short: LTR addresses) means addresses that don't expire or at least have a long expiry date. We have not yet implemented this for all cryptocurrencies, but we are working on some of them (Pilot).

Dashcoin & HTML5coin, Charnacoin and Sativacoin are the first. LTR accounts can be used for mining. You can generate an LTR address and then download the mining package HERE. Currently you can only mine 3 modern currencies X11 and X15, but more will come.

There are three options added: Load to load your (max 5) LTR addresses, Create to create an LTR address and Consolidate to add the amount to your main balance

POS coins
As you might know most modern currencies are POW (Proof of Work based), with LTR addresses you can also use Proof of Stake like Sativacoin. You send the coins there and they will increase in amount, nothing special has to be done, other then send them to your LTR address as shown in your wallet.

P.S. Please note that this service is provided in conjunction with, which also falls under the Surplus17 header.


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