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Fiatify crypto assets with the IBANIZER

Starting today you can send crypto assets to any person or company using the IBANizer in wallet functionality. Not only do we send out FIAT we also allow you to accept crypto to fiatify your friends crypto currencies. How cool is that. How does that work.. Use the MerchantAPI with options sell=true and ibanizer=true use the following text input parameters of which payoutiban an payoutbi are the most important to start sending fiat: payoutiban payoutbic payoutswift payoutbankname payoutbankaddress payoutbankpostalcode payoutbankcity payoutbankcountry payoutname payoutaddress payoutpostalcode payoutcity payoutcountry


  • OrbitcoinRanter
    Aug 05 2015 04:37 PM

    Great feature great service :-| Thanks for the hard work Cointopay.

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