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Wordpress of Decentralization

We are releasing a initial version of the release. This is the first full generic release that is compatible with most functionality like SecureCloud, Autonomy, XChange and Interconnect. We disabled Paypal autonomation due to a small security hole. It will be in the update. You now can download and run your own, or without fail. Focus on the altcoins of your choice and accept payments for yourself and your customers. Ask a monthly fee (configurable), deal with requested payouts and integrate with your very own incident management suite (freshdesk). Spot.IM is integrated as well. Or.. Create an account on Payeer and start selling crypto at a percentage acceptable for you! Interconnect with your buddies, setup your own decentralized XChange Cloud using Poloniex, Bittrex and/or Bleutrade. Get insights of volumes and real per wallet balance via the CointoAdmin functionality. Here is the installation document. Your feedback would be really appreciated. We have different types of licences: Developer, Personal, Business and Enterprise. If there is anything, because there is really too much to mention in one post right now, then join the and chip in developing plugins, we are very developer friendly, people who want to simply decentralize their assets will feel right at home as well. The load balancing and advanced features are more for business and enterprise. There is plenty of more stuff coming, but for now this release is a starting point to build the biggest crypto currency payment platform out there that is truely distributed and decentralized!


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