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Cointopay Interconnect

Cointopay Interconnect links up the best of both worlds, you can utilize your SecureCloud account from your Autonomy account Interconnected to Cointopay itself or from any platform that is offering the Cointopay platform services. In the case of Carboncoin we are not hosting any wallet and still we can provide you with SecureCloud services incl. all up stack services. This is a milestone for us. In case you want to experiment with this, here are a few quick steps: In your e.g. Carboncoin Autonomy configuration enter this in the Server section: SECURECLOUDMERCHANTID and APIKEY are coming from your account from For some of our wallets that use XChange technology to provide SecureCloud functionality you can append &XChangeInterconnect to enable XChangeInterconnect. This is amazing because you can enter your e.g. cold storage address in the username section to act as PoolMaster. In those cases obviously the send functionality does not work..

So you still need the Autonomy account for Interconnect in combination with your own address, then you need to follow the procudure above, because you need to do an interconnect to the (same) platform but a different secure cloud account......... Wow! Change the bold parts to the coins you want to use:

The secret now is to fill this information:
User: Address (<-- is your external address)
Password: Address (<-- same as User - external address)
Server: Include full address and Append the green part:


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