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XChange Autonomy - Now available

Part of our supported crypto currencies already run on basis of XChange. Now we are introducing XChange Autonomy. Sounds interesting. XChange Autonomy, how will it benefit my business? The benefit is that you don't need to trust us to hold your crypto currencies, and you can mix and match exchange accounts to DECENTRALIZE YOUR ASSETS. Wait a minute.. But why would I want that, isn't running your own daemons the best way to go? It is, but it costs a hell of a load of money and maintenance, if you have 20 wallets that will cost you around 150 dollar in hosting every month, with XChange Autonomy you will not have this cost, but still remain in control, you can even setup a daemon for one crypto currency and use XChange Autonomy mode for another. In all cases Secure Cloud is available for you. Here is the howto.

Setup an XChange Autonomy account

1) Create an AUTONOMY account on
2) Go to the Autonomy section in your Account Settings page
3) Enter the APIKey as user and the API secret as your password.
4)Finally enter the word poloniex, bittrex or bleutrade in the server section. Save it, then MOST IMPORTANTLY: Go back to the Autonomy Account Settings and click on the link: Setup Account (SAVE first)! Otherwise it won't work!, that should be it. Now you can start using it for your integration. It's compatible with our service stack and services. Easy? You bet ya!

Please note that you enable send and receive via the Cointopay web wallet when entering your API account information. If you want to test receiving you can keep withdrawal disabled. Contact us if you need more information.

Please note that not all coins those exchanges support are supported by us, if you need us to add one just contact us. We can support any coin on these exchanges in one wallet.

For kiddie pic folks (example is

You need an Autonomy account type to configure this.

UPDATE per 20.05.2015: Poloniex requires account verification, in case you are using XChange Autonomy in combination with Poloniex please verify your account details, otherwise no outgoing payments can be made
Update per:26-06-2015: BLEUTRADE API LINK TO BE USED AFTER LOGIN: the link


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