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Decentral Index: BCNF for Decentralization

Decentral Index

Whenever we discuss crypto we always end up into a discussion on what this so called purest form of decentralization is. Herewith we announce the Decentral Index. It is an index between 0 and 28 that outlines the state of any crypto company in light of what a true DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) should be.

Our book:Decentralization in practise

If you have read our book then you know we feel crypto is really a synergy, or a cross-over between many different things for many different people like personal financial freedom, to avoid financial censorship, to get back at the banks or to just ride a new era of finance etc. Most importantly our book explains how the Cointopay vision correlates to different facets, which are all building upon the past.

BCNF of Decentralization

Ask the companies active in crypto to determine its Decentral Index:
1. Who controls and who owns the software?
one entity=0, multiple entities=1, open source=2.

2. Are there any VCs involved and how big is their influence and say on dictating what should happen?
0=They control all, 1=they allow a great level of freedom, 2=no VC

3. Is the software running itself in spirit of Satoshis true form of decentralization?
0=No, 1=It can run but can be taken down, 2=Runs as part of a collective that cant be taken down

4. Do the company owners or the company investors control media outlets?
0=Yes, 2=No

5. Is a company entity required to keep the network up and running?
0=Yes, 1=Partially,2=No.

6. Does the community follow an ideological route to enlightenment and self determination?
0=No, 1=Some do, 2=Yes all of the community members.

7. Are there key people involved that own a majority of the coins?
0=Yes, 1=Only little amounts,2=No.

8. Does the lead dev support hard forking blockchains?
0=Yes, 1=Only when forced, 2=No

9. Does the entity behind the coin seek active contact with governmental agencies to get into the plus?
0=yes, 1=only for faking, 2=no

10. Does the company support privacy and anonymity?
0=no, 1=in some cases, 2=yes

11. Are the decisionmaking processes transparent and decentralized (like voting) and can anyone start a new thread?
0=No, 1=Anyone can start a thread, 2=Yes

12. Is there a form of hierarchy surrounding the project?
0=Yes, 1=Basic form only 2=No

13. Are they open to different projects and technologies and is it not monodriven?
0=No, 1=Limited, 2=Yes

14. Have they confiscated money that does not belong to them?
0=Yes, 1=Limited, 2=No


  • support
    Feb 02 2015 01:00 AM

    Long way to go bro. 18 out of 28 for Cointopay :-)

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