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Updated: CACWD Deployer tool v02

For some reason, read last article here, the CACWD v01 script doesn't work for bitcoin. So here is the updated v02 version. BE AWARE: We are updating the Berkeley-db to version 6.1, the official repository is sticking with 4.8 for portability, because of some so called binary issues. Fully understand, but we are not planning to move anywhere. We don't like sticking to the same version. ;-) Enjoy the new bitcoin deployer v02 script, it is very useful in conjunction with Cointopay wallet setups and does all the nitty gritty for you. Notes: updates the coin db to bdb6.1, preinstall prereqs for alternative install approach. Good luck! Let us know if something breaks, we are glad to help. Just a quick sumup, this is the updated script which was mentioned here: here. Instructions from there are still valid. What we appended: if you add a y as argument after the github address, then it will automatically start synching with the blockchain. If you add another y after the first one you will use the alternative approach to compiling bitcoin from github. It can also be used for other coins besides bitcoin! Good luck! HERE IS THE DOWNLOAD LINK: download CACWD deployer v02.

P.S. Bitcoin is huge and needs a 40GB disk in order to work properly, in digital ocean that means 20$ per month..


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    Mar 15 2017 08:23 PM

    Its so easy to use!

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