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Cointopay Autonomy Cloud Wallet Deployer

Welcome to the Cointopay Autonomy Cloud Wallet Deployer a.k.a. CACWD howto, we hope you find it useful in your financial decentralization efforts. Any suggestions, feel free to comment!

Rationale of the CACWD

We got some customer feedback that setting up crypto wallets, especially on Linux is too difficult. Also our support staff is using CACWD for internal wallet setup, so we decided to release it, here goes! Good luck with the howto!

Pre-requisite: Ubuntu or Debian Linux server

You need to have a Linux server for this howto with accessibility to the public internet, for a Windows desktop based wallet howto (WDBWH) click here, for Linux follow the instruction as shown for Amazon in the youtube movie. Or if you want to use Google Compute Engine, click here or Digital Ocean here or any other you want to use. We start from the moment you entered root level via the sudo -i.

Obtain C2PDeployer script

Once you entered root mode we need to execute the following command set to deploy your Coin of Choice:
sudo -i [click ENTER]
wget -O [click ENTER]
apt-get -y update[click ENTER]
apt-get install unzip[click ENTER]
unzip[click ENTER]
chmod +x [click ENTER]

C2PDeployer parameters

We have 4 parameters we need to enter:
1) user you want to use
2) password for the newly to be created account
3) coin name of your coin of choice
4) github address of your coin wallet software

An example execution would be ./ peer pusswurd01 peercoin
Now type your commandline input!

Ready to run

While you are executing and installing your wallet of choice you have a couple of options for your wallet:

1. Join the autonomy partner program from Cointopay and allow other people to use your setup wallet, in that case the output of your script has to be sent to [email protected]
2. Request a conversion to Autonomy (assuming you setup an account already), in that case you can enter the details in your Autonomy configuration screen afterwards. This will then be a private setup.

What have we achieved

When done you have setup a wallet node that is fully decentralized as part of the coin's distributed network, it runs autonomously and decentralized by its nature. Once integrated with Cointopay you can make use of the full service stack we offer. In any case, contact us at [email protected], we are here for you to bring DAO in your life!

UPDATE V02 Download: here


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