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Enable Bitcoin Windows desktop wallet for autonomy

Bitcoin Core wallet isn't web enabled, in order for you to pay and receive from your local desktop wallet while on the road, follow below instruction to setup your wallet in a secure fashion.

Install the wallet

Download your windows wallet here and install it. It will sync a long time, so be patient. Continue with the rest of the instruction.

Configuration files

At this location: C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin is your default data directory. We are not going into any custom data directory settings to keep it simple. Open it up. If you can see the bitcoin.conf then open it with notepad.

Add text to bitcoin.conf

Here is the text to add:


#accept JSON-RPC connections

#Connect via a socks4 proxy (if required)

#Set gen=1 to attempt to generate bitcoins

# Pay an optional transaction fee every time you send bitcoins.
#Transactions with fees
# are more likely than free transactions to be included in
#generated blocks, so may be validated sooner.


don't forget you need to open up port 8332 to the outside world, otherwise Cointopay won't be able to connect to your wallet!

Final steps

Add these 2 files download into the directory mentioned above, they need to be there in order to make sure the connection between your bitcore daemon application and Cointopay is secure. If you want to generate your own (even better). They don't have to come from a trusted certificate authority (don't waste your money).

Cointopay Account

By default when signing up at Cointopay you get a SecureCloud account, this means that you get to use our wallets. This howto describes how to setup Cointopay with Autonomy. If you want to make use of Autonomy (to follow this howto) please send us an email after creating your account, we will convert your account.

Enter your information in the Autonomy section of your account (username, password as mentioned in your bitcoin.conf) and https://yourip:8332 as server address. Save it, go back to the autonomy section on the site and click the green link besides the bitcoin autonomy credential info. If you see a number appear, that's your master account! That's it!

Last checks

So you have your firewall opened up, your bitcoin core is synced with the network, you have restarted the bitcoin core application, you have the master account generated at cointopay. Ready to send and receive.

Please note that this howto is the same for all altcoins. So enable litecoin, blackcoin via the same way! Good luck!

If you want to go pro you can create a UBUNTU 14.04 1GB droplet at digital ocean here and provide us the root/password, we make the installation for free at no cost! Use UBUNTUDROPLET to get one month for free!!

Any questions: [email protected]


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