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A Decentralized Autonomous Organization means you

Mintzberg organisational Structures

Mintzberg defined a number of organizational types, the networked type of organization always caught my attention: cross organization, knowledgesharing, focus on qualified employees whereby strategy is more liquid with a push towards innovation.We now have a new type.

Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAO)

The DAO organizational type is not a well known/defined concept and software developers are still trying to find out the possibilities that it brings and are pioneers in the materialization of this new organizational type.

Lighthouse decentralized auction software

Lighthouse is a software platform developed by Mike Hearn that aims to replace the Bitcoin foundation. So far it seems to be able to remove the middleman like e.g. in case of (fundraising activities), but to defunct an entire organization.. We will see. Another promise is the Ethereum framework that seeks to enable the "Bitcoin 2.0 era".

Definitions of a DAO

Cointopay's ultimate long term plan is to resolve itself to exist only by name, focussing on core services whereby the software services fully operate itself. We understand that natural organizations develop as they move along, so what does a DAO do then, how does it earn a living for the big car of the CEO's? These are questions we are trying to figure out ourselves as Cointopay, but our mindset is the correct one. If you look at the state of our global capitalistic moral, we are totally bankrupt. Our food is fixed to weaken us and make us dependant as well as e.g. washing powder that destroys our clothing so that we have to buy clothing more often. You could say it's all a conspiracy whereby large corporations work together, may it be on geopolitical level for oil or children vitamins.. Recently i found out that the vitamin manifacturer that was recommended by our government places 200% of certain types of material in children vitamins, the materials weaken their nervsystems, only to find out that the company via a complex organizational structure hold shares in a medicine company that aims to fix that problem. Guys, this is totally fucked up and maybe DAO's are the answer, let's give it a shot.

Political censorship

As we have seen with the Wikileaks topics Visa and Mastercard are subject to financial censorship and so will their bitcoin successors be (any). We now have the technical abilities to prevent that, if it's not Bitcoin then maybe Darkcoin with it's Darksend capability is the answer, who knows. Central authorities like the Bitcoin foundation are weak nodes in a web of control and hence we welcome developments like Lighthouse and Ethereum.

Open organization

Cointopay is an open organization, without centralized control, our slogan "decentralization means you" is what it stands for. We would welcome a software developer to write software to make us defunct, will the Bitcoin foundation have the same standpoint?


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