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Why we will not support Prepaid Credit Cards

Prepaid credit cards

Prepaid credit cards are cards that you can buy online or in outlet stores. When you buy them you can activate the credit you bought online. The promise is that it works the same as a normal credit card and you can spend it all around the globe. We looked into integrating this concept and funding your credit card with your crypto wallet account balance.

Something from the past

The experience we had is not positive, we first had to go to a physical shop, buy it, activate it only to find out that we couldn't use it in our chosen online shop (errors, card not accepted). This experience we don't want for our customers, so we will not send out branded cards to our customers, we see the mechanism as something from the past. We know the current status quo is credit cards, but we want to be part of the transition- not the non-innovation movement.

For those that don't agree

We are open to our community, if somebody does not agree with our decision, you can respond below.

Compromising core values

Our core values are anonymity, you can't use these cards without providing all personal details. Shops denying the card for no clear apparant reason, that's nonsense, it's your money on a piece of virtual plastic, how can it be denied. We don't want to accept that as well.


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