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New Geo vision: Cointopay land

Cointopay will launch a kickstarter to create "Cointopay land", a "holy ground" for people that are producing knowledge and innovation and don't want to be ruled by non-intellectual institutionalized technocrats, it is for people who have a worldview that is non-violent, self-existential, self-deterministic and based on libertarian principles. We will not hide it, we are a huge fan of Ron Paul from the United States.

Cointopay land WTF

Yes, we hear you. WTF indeed. Cointopay land is planned to be created physically out of thin air, more or less the concept of what Jehova witnesses think will happen after they die.. But with Cointopay land it will happen while we are all still alive (such wow excitement), all we need is enough funding, which is challenging, but then again it isn't (print some money!). Think about it, a group of islands setup as Tetris blocks with connecting bridges, a fully automated government with bots that will represent the country on UN level.

The crypto revolution is ongoing

The revolution is to our opinion much bigger than a simple coin, let alone a protocol, a business, let alone a political movement consisting of some libertarian tech-savy guys. It will not end with some centralized companies that think that with a new protocol and some "enterprise" level services the banks and credit card companies can be overruled, no. It won't, take our word for it. The ideas unleashed by Satoshi Nakamoto expose a new world order, maybe he did not realize it himself, but we do. Policy makers have not been filled with joy like decribed here, which makes sense from their point of view.

Mountains come and have a look

If the policy makers don't want to come to Muhammed, then Muhammed will create it's own Cointry and place it's own Mountain on top. No problem, hence Cointopay land. The country that will have altcoins like bitcoin as its only means of exchanging value.

P.S. We are not nuts, what we see we become, create your own future and join the movement. Agree with you that many concepts have to materialize, but it's not impossible. Share your ideas, be free.

Signed by yours truely,

CEO of Cointopay International B.V.

UPDATE 3 Sept: is only available for US citizens! What a pity. Also the Amazon payment system is not very user friendly, hence we will go somewhere else.


  • Voyeur
    Aug 31 2014 08:13 AM

    You fully lost yourself, but if you can pull this off i am a belieber!

  • Arcurus
    Sep 09 2014 02:21 PM

    Sound like a really nice idea :| Hopefully you will also use Freicoin in you land :| By the way why not registering your project for Freicoin donations:

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