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Launch of the Altcoin foundation

It is clear and confirmed, altcoins are here to stay. Cointopay is promoting mass adoption of altcoins including BitCoin on a universal scale. In a couple of years we will see inhabitants living on planet mars (, hence replacing the word global with universal.

Altcoin mass adoption

The altcoin foundation will aim to bring efforts together to spread the altcoin love, this is fully inline with the mission of Cointopay to become a Decentralized Distributed Organization, decentralization means you, and disassemble powerstructures currently being built up in the crypto ecosystem. We have to do something about that right now, we can't wait for the full implementation of the DAO's, since that may take 10 or more years to implement (even with Ethereum joining in soon). Join the altcoin foundation by replying to this topic, no entrance fees apply, all members are equal and can speak (yes, even ripple and nxt community members).

The Masterplan

The grand plan is to promote altcoins, even the ones that do not exist yet. Altcoins have a right to exist. So many crypto companies discriminate altcoins, and that is their right as well (we don't agree with them). The Altcoin foundation wants to enable the communities to discuss and further develop the ecosystem together, it is required because now there is too much isolation between the different communities. It is important to keep open channels with a main focus on mass adoption. Weekly online group meetings will be setup, anybody can join. WE ARE AN ALTCOIN FOUNDATION, OPEN TO ALL, WITH NO HIDDEN AGENDA. Join in on the decentralized funance.

Altcoin development

There is plenty of energy in the altcoin community, this energy should not end up to waste. We have some new joiners that have huge plans. Let's help each other and share experience and knowledge, there are powers at work that influence thinking patterns and also trying to centralize the ecosystem, this is not what Satoshi Nakamoto wanted. The vericoin and nxt blockchain rollbacks are not a good development, it means that we are being setup for financial censorship. Satoshi did not want to have central entities, otherwise he would have never setup the blockchain the way it is. We need to paint the future as we want to see it and not let powerful entities take over. Don't get me wrong capitalism is great, but we should still do the right thing (while making money). Your opinion counts and should be heard (even if nobody agrees with it). Consensus culture is bad .


  • Voyeur
    Aug 26 2014 01:50 PM

    Count me in!

  • heisenminer
    Aug 26 2014 01:57 PM

    Although I believe there are altcoins that should not exist because they are only there for the devs to cash out and move on I think this is great for the legitimate ones! Count me in!

  • heisenminer
    Aug 26 2014 02:22 PM

    Message Although I believe there are altcoins that shouldn t exist because they are only there for the devs to cash out and move on I think this is great for the legitimate ones!Count me in!

  • Ferengi
    Aug 26 2014 09:09 PM

    Ferengicoin supports Altcoin Foundation, decentralized finance with FER! Really cool web site with lots of features! Thank you all who has assembled this excellent site!Hey, its free to join and trade commission is low!

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