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Join the Autonomy partner program

Cointopay has a partnership program for Secure Cloud & Autonomy whereby you as decentralized financial crypto coin partner can run a wallet with coin of choice on top of our service stack. This unique opportunity is not offered by anyone that is operating in the crypto currency world.

The details

So basically it means that you will manage a wallet server anywhere on the globe for the Cointopay service. Others have already done so: MegaCoin, CannabisCoin, HTMLCoin, FerengiCoin and others as well. Let us know if you like it. It costs around 10 dollar per month with Cloud wallet provider Digital Ocean. All we need is a 1GB Ubuntu droplet with your crypto currency wallet running, we/you can make the installation at no cost. Cointopay is providing the service, anyone buying your coin with euro/dollar etc. will get coins that they can control from the Cointopay Plurawallet multicoin web wallet (via Cointopay website).

You can check our autonomy documentation on what this is all about, search for e.g. blackcoin and cannabiscoin for some technical steps.

In a nutshell

1. You setup a Ubuntu droplet 1GB Ubuntu 64 bit (10 dollar per month, one month free promo code: UBUNTUDROPLET)
2. We/You setup a decentralized autonomous anonymous crypto currency wallet on the server
3. We annouce go-live, people can use all services on our site, we make promotions and marketing

What's in it for you?

Well, first of all the only cost is the 10 dollar per month of which 1st month is free. The benefit you reap is: you can sell all your coins without fee directly to your customers. We receive payments in euro, dollar, yuan, gbp and ruble and send this money directly to your bankaccount. The more people that demand the coin, the higher the price. Free services that can be utilized:
- Crypto market (people can sell their goods e.g. fairtrade food, 3d printed items, you name it!)
- Accept diverse payment methods incl. giropay, ideal and mr. cash
- Integration for your customers with shopping carts like shopify, ECWID and Wordpress ecommerce
- You are official Cointopay partner, this means any business opportunity that comes our way is available to you directly, e.g. job requests, wallet security, support, HR, Payroll and Consultancy
- You as partner are directly involved in how the Cointopay decentralized network and services develop.
- The bigger we become the richer you become as well, partners don't let each other down. We won't forget..
- Revenue share = pure profit

And much more! Need some Crypto Payment Services with that? Financial decentralization is you. Our plans are endless. Join the fun!


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